Green MP regrets call to treat Ebola with homeopathy

A Green MP has admitted it was "unwise" for him to have signed and shared a petition calling for the World Health Organisation to treat Ebola with homeopathy.

Russel Norman has rebuked a Green MP who called for Ebola to be treated by homeopathy. Source: 1 NEWS

Steffan Browning says adding his signature was a personal decision, but agrees with Greens co-leader, Russel Norman, that this was a mistake.

"In hindsight, it was probably a pretty unwise thing. It was late at night and I signed it because I am not opposed to homeopathy and I did not intend for it to go on Facebook," he says.

Dr Norman says he spoke to Mr Browning and was "certainly very clear with him that it wasn't a good idea to sign that petition".

"There are many New Zealanders who use homeopathy but I think even they would say it's not the right thing to use for Ebola. It's not something we support and it's not Green Party Policy."