'Great at leading, lockdowns and letters' — dad commends PM for responding to Irish daughter's letter

The father of a 12-year-old girl in Ireland has relayed his daughter’s delight at receiving a reply to a letter she wrote to Jacinda Ardern last year as part of a school project.

Source: 1 NEWS

Philip Bromwell, who works at RTÉ News in Ireland, tweeted a picture of the Prime Minister's letter to then 11-year-old Lily Bromwell.

Lily had to write a letter to a leader for school, and “she chose Jacinda Ardern”, Bromwell explained.

The personal reply to the school girl came a few months later but was nonetheless well-received by her.

“Well, after 'a busy few months' (!) for the NZ PM, Lily was delighted to get a personal reply! Great at leading, lockdowns and letters,” Bromwell tweeted.

In the letter, Ardern apologised for the late reply and told Lily she appreciated her taking the time to write.

“Your kind words meant a lot and they really brightened up my day!” Ardern said.

Ardern wished the family well, and told them she hoped Lily and her family were “staying safe in Ireland”.

Media around the world have shared the letter, The Irish Post calling it "a charming, personal reply".