'Great, just wonderful' – South Canterbury church has first service after being torn apart in 2010 quake

A day after the Anglican Church announced its plans to fix Christ Church Cathedral another, much smaller church has shown how it can be done.

The Church of the Holy Innocents in Peel Forest, near Geraldine had its first service today, after being brought back to life after the Christchurch quakes.

"The whole front of the church had fallen out. and the stain window was down here amongst the rubble in a 1000 little pieces," John Acland Junior told 1 NEWS.

After the September 2010 quake ripped the small church apart John Acland Senior set about fixing it, which is fitting, seeing as his great grandfather built it.

Mr Acland Senior raised half a million dollars to see the building reconstructed.

"Oh it's great, just wonderful. After seven years we've put it back together again," Mr Acland Senior said.

The work giving the Anglican Church a chance to rejoice, before they begin the slightly larger restoration job it has on its hands.

The Church of the Holy Innocents in Peel Forest near Geraldine has been brought back to life. Source: 1 NEWS