Graphic warning: Shocking images emerge of Chinese victims viciously beaten in Tonga




Tonga's Chinese community is feeling under siege following a spate of violence against shopowners in the capital, Nuku'alofa.

There have been several armed robberies and violent attacks this year.

Security vision shown to 1 NEWS shows the owner of a small shop, Huang Xiun Lin, arguing with a customer.

A Tongan man in the video checks to see if anyone is around before going in for a king hit.

New Zealand has stepped in to help and there've been some arrests over the attacks and robberies.
Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Lin fell and his head fell on a set of shopping racks.

He suffered a very severe injury to his head.

This assault and theft was about eight months ago.

Mr Lin is now bedridden and living in appalling conditions at the back of his family shop. He can't move and is fed through a tube.

The latest attack on the Chinese community in Tonga was about two days ago.

Security footage caught one suspect at a Chinese family's home. The intruder climbed into the ceiling and made his way to the master bedroom.

Pictures then show grandmother Ellen Yu, 58, with severe head injuries after the offender beat her with a stick. She is now in a critical condition in hospital.

The offender, who is in his 20s, has been arrested.

These attacks are not the first time Tongan-Chinese have been targeted.

During the riots of 2006, Chinese shops were looted and set alight.

"There is perhaps a resentment from the local population as to what they see the Chinese perhaps capitalising on opportunities that they think Tongans should have," said one spokesman.

Others claim the attacks stem from poverty, and aren't racially motivated.

A fortnight ago, New Zealand Police sent an officer to Tonga to help the local force build a relationship with the Asian community.

Police claim violent crime against Chinese-Tongans is relatively rare, but locals have told 1 NEWS otherwise.

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