Graphic warning: Auckland man banned from owning animals for 10 years after Labrador Tasha starves to death

An Auckland man who left his dog to starve to death has been disqualified from owning animals for 10 years and fined $2,000. 

Paul Syman pleaded guilty to ill-treatment of his animal, five-year-old Labrador cross Tasha.

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Source: 1 NEWS

In June 2016, an SPCA inspector arrived to inspect Mr Syman's property, after a family member contacted them, and found Tasha unresponsive, abnormally thin and with a substantial flea infestation. 

She also was suffering from a sore on her leg, overgrown nails and fur loss from a collar wound. 

Tasha later died the same day due to the severity of her condition after Mr Syman surrendered Tasha to the SPCA.

A post-mortem examination later revealed Tasha had the lowest body condition score possible and had signs of chronic starvation and was clinically dehydrated. 

SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen says Mr Syman's negligence led to the unnecessary death of the animal. 

"Tasha starved to death and endured a huge amount of pain and stress," Ms Midgen said in a statement. 

The condition Tasha was found in by a SPCA inspector. Source: SPCA

"She probably would have suffered for a considerable period of time. This could have been prevented with proper care from the person responsible for her wellbeing. It is completely unacceptable to treat animals in this way.

"While the SPCA is pleased that a significant disqualification period was handed down, we would have liked to also see a court-ordered education programme to truly prevent this type of animal cruelty occurring in the future.

"A 10-year disqualification will ensure that his risk to animals in the future is managed. SPCA Inspectors will monitor Mr Syman to ensure that he adheres to the disqualification. Breaching this would lead to an automatic prosecution and immediate removal of any animal found in his possession."