Grant Robertson doesn't expect Treasury boss to resign after Budget data leak

Grant Robertson says he does not expect to receive the resignation of Treasury chief executive, Gabriel Maklouf, and is awaiting a subsequent investigation into the accessing and leak of 2019 Budget material this week.

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There is concern from economists that things are looking a little gloomy, but Grant Robertson said we continue to outstrip our major trading partners. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Robertson, the Finance Minister delivered the his wellbeing budget today after the National Party made some details of the Budget public earlier this week after it was accessed via Treasury's website.

Grant Robertson says Head Mr Maklouf has not offered his resignation over the data leak.

"We owe it to New Zealanders to focus on what we are actually delivering out of this Budget. There will be another day to deal with these issues that have occurred," Mr Robertson said today.

Mr Robertson says he "looks forward" to the investigation headed by the State Services Commissioner.

"My focus has been on delivering this wellbeing budget," Mr Robertson continued.

Earlier today Mr Robertson had expressed "disappointment" that Treasury had not done more to find out what had happened before police were called over the data leak.

He said lots of questions had been asked and at the time of the leak "nobody knew the extent of the problem or what had happened".