Govt slammed over UN report on inequality in New Zealand

A human rights organisation has slammed the government's position on inequality, claiming it is taking a "Band Aid" approach to the issue.

The criticism by Amnesty International follows the formal adoption of a UN report into New Zealand's human rights record in Switzerland last night.

The UN Human Rights Council report, which was released in January, contained 155 recommendations for New Zealand.

But the government rejected 34 key recommendations made by the report, a move which Amnesty described as deeply concerning.

"Unfortunately New Zealand has failed to show the world and our own people that the Government is willing to close the gap when it comes to human rights protection in our own country," New Zealand advocacy manager Amanda Brydon says.

"By accepting some recommendations while rejecting others they are simply taking a band aid approach."

The recommendations involve reducing child poverty, tackling domestic violence and improving women's rights.

During the hearing representatives from several countries commended New Zealand on its efforts to curb domestic violence and child abuse, but it was noted the country still had high levels of inequality in health, education, jobs and income.

United Nations Source: Breakfast

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