Govt moves on promise to make public transport buses zero emission by 2035

The Government is promising to get cracking on its election promise of only buying zero emission buses to in a bid to create a fully decarbonised public transport bus fleet by 2035.

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It’s one of a raft of new measures announced today to lower New Zealand’s fuel emissions. Source: 1 NEWS

It also promised to mandate a lower emitting biofuel blend across the transport sector and bring in its clean car standard for new and used light vehicles entering New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said transport was the second highest emitter after agriculture, "so it’s important we reduce emissions from our vehicle fleet". 

Transport Minister Michael Wood said the Government also agreed in principle "to mandate a lower emitting biofuel blend across the transport sector".

"Over time this will prevent hundreds of thousands of tonnes of emissions from cars, trucks, trains, ships and planes," he said. 

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Introducing clean car import standards is among them. Source: 1 NEWS

"We're also committing $50 million to help councils fully decarbonise the public transport bus fleet by 2035," he said.

"By meeting our target to decarbonise the bus fleet, we can prevent up to 4.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, which will make an important contribution towards meeting our climate targets."

The Government also promised to pass the Clean Car Import Standard legislation, which would progressively lower the CO2 emissions target of vehicles entering the country. 

Climate Change Minister James Shaw said that it was "is a good first step that needs to be taken on the road towards long-term emissions reductions from transport – and that there will need to be many more steps taken after this one".

"Reducing emissions from transport will need to be a priority if we are to meet our targets and make sure New Zealand plays its part in keeping the climate stable."