Govt may have power to forcibly quarantine infected should coronavirus outbreak hit NZ

In case of a pandemic, New Zealand officials could be given special powers to control its spread, including forcibly quarantining people.

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In the case of a pandemic, officials could be given special powers to control its spread. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes as authorities race to modify a 2017 influenza pandemic plan for the coronavirus.

In that plan, these are some of the Government's special powers if we have a widespread outbreak.

- Mobilising an emergency release of antiviral medication and face masks.

- Quarantining infected people - by force if necessary.

- Restrictions on international and domestic travel.

- Banning some public gatherings and closing schools.

- Isolating whole islands like the Chathams or Great Barrier to prevent the spread.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says the pandemic plan is being re-worked now.

“This is a pandemic plan that we've had in place for a number of years that we are making sure is meeting the needs of the current virus that we are seeing in transmission globally at the moment.”

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It comes as the coronavirus crisis has now spread to 38 countries.

The death rate for coronavirus victims over 80 is almost 15% - that falls to 8% if you're in your seventies, and a steep drop for anyone younger.

There are currently 82,164 confirmed cases worldwide, including 2772 fatalities.