Government's proposed Easter Trading Laws unwanted by local councils

"Controversial" and "complicated" – that's how Local Government New Zealand has described proposed new Easter Trading Laws.

Easter trading laws back in the spotlight Source: 1 NEWS

The Government wants to allow councils to introduce their own bylaws to allow them to open on Good Friday.

That's banned in most parts of the country.

Local Government New Zealand head Laurence Yule told a select committee today while his organisation supported the laws, only 10-15 out of 78 councils actually want to introduce Easter Trading.

And he rejects the idea of introducing by-laws, saying it would be easily subject to legal challenges, particularly by big commercial retailers such as the alcohol lobby.

Instead, he wants councils to be able to consult with communities and make decisions without having to introduce bylaws.

Mr Yule told ONE News he'd prefer central government just introduced a blanket law.

He says no matter what Government decides, it's going to be controversial for communities.

He says it'll be split between retailers and commercial organisations and religious and union groups and councils will face a lot of pressure.