Government urged to take more action to stop viewing, sharing of mosque shootings video

The Government is being urged to take more action to stop people viewing video of the Christchurch terrorist attack, which still exists online.

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The video, which was live streamed by the shooter, still exists online despite efforts to squash it. Source: Breakfast

Just months after the attack, which happened two years ago today, Government and tech leaders established the Christchurch Call to combat online extremism.

But a security expert says it's relatively easy to access extremist content in New Zealand.

Legislation is still before New Zealand's Parliament, which could mean jail terms for those who share or view dangerous content, but it doesn't extend to overseas offenders.

"Until she [Jacinda Ardern] is able to pass that legislation her hands are essentially tied with older legislation that does not address the threat of online extremism emanating from social media sites," international security expert Paul Buchanan said.

A detailed report into the international response will be released in the coming months.