Government set to crack down on 'hugely offensive' Wicked Camper slogans

The government is looking at ways of cracking down on a campervan company who use offensive slogans and artwork to decorate their vehicles.

The Government is considering fines and banning offensively illustrated caravans from some public spaces. Source: 1 NEWS

Fining Wicked Campers and banning their offensive vehicles from camping grounds is being considered.

Minister for Women Louise Upston says the government is looking at options.

"The community has made is very, very clear that those sorts of slogans are hugely offensive," Ms Upston said.

Louise Upston is part of a government team working to find a way to bring a stop to the slogans painted on the company's vehicles. Source: Breakfast

"At best some of them might be mildly amusing but the vast majority of them are highly offensive.

"We don't want our children to see them and we don't want our visitors to be seeing them either."

Ms Upston told TVNZ's Breakfast today one of the avenues being explored was the involvement of the Chief Censor's office, as the artwork on the vehicles could be considered a publication.

If this was found to be true, a fine of up to $15,000 could be issued.

Many are worried about the impact the signage could have on children, along with New Zealand's image

But others in the tourism industry, including Gravity Canyon manager Josh Dench, say the industry is a fun and sometimes risky business.

"We always try and be a bit risky, especially in New Zealand," said Mr Dench.

Wicked Campers did not reply to a request for comment.