Government to reveal what it's going to do about the housing crisis later today

Jacinda Ardern spoke of "holding her breath" over the holiday period while the Covid pandemic ravaged around the world, and signaled details around fixing the housing crisis would be released this afternoon at the Labour Party caucus retreat in Nelson. 

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signalled the announcement at the Labour Party caucus Nelson retreat. Source: 1 NEWS

Labour's leader told her caucus the challenge this year would be rolling out the work programme around keeping people safe, "but also our economic recovery and the things we campaigned on". 

She said that also included the work around the housing crisis, looking after the environment and children. 

Ardern said this afternoon would see the Government announce the work programme around housing for the year. 

"We've always said it would take a range of initiatives... You'll see that we are looking across a broad suite of areas to create the change we need for that next generation."

"We have a very big year ahead of us," Ardern said. 

She also spoke about the time it took to get into holiday mode over the summer.

"I think it's because, in hindsight now, I was slightly holding my breath and I think that was a mark of 2020."

"It wasn't until well after New Year's that I think I exhaled a little bit at least knowing people had had a break that they deserved so much. 

"That ongoing vigilance is going to be required for 2021."