Government offers $10 million cash injection for reinstatement of Christ Church Cathedral


The Government has announced a $10 million cash contribution for the reinstatement of the Christ Church Cathedral. 

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The Crown cash contribution of $10m is offered along with a $15m interest free loan. 

It's up to the Synod now to choose whether they'll accept the money to restore the cathedral.
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The loan will be suspended if certain conditions are met. 

The Christchurch City Council is also pledging a $10m cash contribution but that is subject to public consultation. 

Bishop Victoria Matthews was absent today as National MP Nicky Wagner and Mayor Lianne Dalziel made the announcements. 

In a statement Bishop Matthews says "this is a very generous offer .. but as the proposal has only just been received there will be much for the Synod members to ponder".

Bishop Victoria Matthews sits down with Seven Sharp to explain why Christ Church Cathedral's future is still uncertain after six years.
Source: Seven Sharp

A decision on the earthquake-damaged building is expected to be made later this year.

The total cost of restoration is expected to top $100m. 

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