Government lays down lockdown laws, but confusion remains about what you can and can't do

Even with clarification on what Kiwis can and can't do amid the Covid-19 lockdown, it seems there's still some confusion.

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Otago University's Andrew Geddis talks about what Kiwis can and can't do amid the lockdown. Source: Breakfast

On Friday, the Government issued a legal order under the Health Act, laying down some lockdown rules.

University of Otago law professor Andrew Geddis told TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning it was good the Government gave "a bit of a firmer footing" to the lockdown rules. But do people really understand what's allowed?

Can you go for a surf? Can you go fishing? Can you drive to the beach or a favourite scenic spot? Was Health Minister David Clark right to drive 2.6 kilometres to a mountain biking track?

Watch the full interview with Professor Geddis above to find out.