Government launches heat health plan as Kiwis are warned to start preparing for more hot weather

Kiwis are being warned to start preparing for a spike in much hotter weather with double the number of very hot days posing a threat to the young and the elderly.  

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The number of hot days poses a threat to the young and elderly. Source: 1 NEWS

A new heat health action plan is being launched by the government in the height of summer.

"With climate change we're going to see increased severe weather events, including a potential doubling of extreme heat waves in New Zealand over the next 20 years," Associate Health Minister Julie-Anne Genter told 1 NEWS

The new heat health action plan is a heads up to Government organisations to begin preparing for many more days exceeding 25 degrees Celsius.

It recommends they ensure their buildings are cool and shaded and that they're ready to help the vulnerable in heatwaves.

"Particularly the elderly, the disabled, young babies and their mums, you know, be careful when taking your grandmum to the beach," Ms Genter said.

Across the ditch, Australia has been sweltering in the midst of a record-breaking heatwave this week.

Here, the Government is hoping community organisations start planning for hot weather too.

A national warning system for extreme temperatures may also be developed.