Government to hold inquiry into appointment process of Deputy Commissioner of Police

The Government has announced that an inquiry will be held into the process that led to the appointment of the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Wally Hauhama was appointed to the role of Deputy Commissioner in May this year. Source: 1 NEWS

"Cabinet will consider the matter on Monday to determine the specific details of the inquiry and its terms of reference," Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters said today.

The announcement comes after Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha today issued a public apology for comments he made about the Louise Nicholas rape case in 2004.

Ms Nicholas alleged she was raped by police officers as a teenager in the 1980s which resulted in criminal trials. Three were acquitted of rape but one officer was jailed for attempting to obstruct or defeat the course of justice.

The NZ Herald earlier reported that an officer told the 2004 Operation Austin investigation into the police sex allegations that now Deputy Commissioner Haumaha had called Ms Nicholas' allegations "a nonsense" and that "nothing really happened and we have to stick together".