Government eyeing up stadiums as large-scale Covid vaccine centres

1 NEWS understands Government ministers are set to meet with large venues like Eden Park in the coming weeks, in a sign stadiums may be used as large-scale jab centres in order to boost Covid-19 vaccination numbers.

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The plan to potentially have stadiums as vaccine centres comes as nine border workers were fired for refusing the jab. Source: 1 NEWS

It comes as more vaccination clinics open to improve access to the vaccine. People who are at risk of getting very sick from Covid are due to receive an invitation to get vaccinated from their local DHB later this month.

Border and MIQ workers have been receiving vaccines since February, while high-risk frontline workers and those living in high-risk places such as rest homes have been getting vaccinated since March.

Source: 1 NEWS

Everyone else in New Zealand can expect to be vaccinated from July. Pamplets containing information about the vaccine have also been sent out to households.

Doctors say the next six weeks are crucial as more and more people get the jab.

Medical director at the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, Dr Bryan Betty, says he has frequently been consulted by patients about the rollout.

“I personally have been asked a lot of questions by patients about the vaccine: the safety of the vaccine, where they'll get it, how they'll get it and where it'll happen, so there's huge interest out there,” he said.