Government and oil companies to work together over fuel leak, says Bill English




Prime Minister Bill English says he has been advised about a fuel leak at the Marsden Point oil refinery and will "work closely with the company."

The supply to Auckland Airport has been cut and airlines have been told to find somewhere else to fill up their planes.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Marsden Pt oil refinery reported a drop in pressure in the multi-product pipeline on Thursday afternoon which was noticed through real time monitoring.

The leak has caused "fuel supply" issues at Auckland Airport which advised passengers this morning to check online before heading to the airport.

Auckland Airport says oil companies are rationing fuel to airlines and this has resulted in about 27 domestic and international flights being cancelled so far this weekend

While on the campaign trial today, Mr English said that he has offered the assistance of the Government. 

"I've instructed ministers to work closely with... the companies concerned to offer all assistance that government can but I understand that the companies will be updating the situation themselves," Mr English said.

"My understanding, it is the sort of problem that will require government agencies and the oil companies to work together but they are primarily responsible for it."

The Marsden Pt oil refinery reported a drop in pressure in the multi-product pipeline on Thursday afternoon.
Source: 1 NEWS

While he wouldn't speculate on the impact it may cause, the Minister of Energy and Resources, Judith Collins, said the problem is currently affecting jet fuel.

"At the moment the issue is around aviation fuel and that is simply because of the size of the flight in terms of how much fuel is taken."

Refining NZ spokesperson Greg McNeill has told 1 NEWS they were able to stop the pipeline and discovered a leak  eight kilometres south of the refinery.

The section of pipe is on farm land and the recovery process is underway, but Mr McNeill was unable to say how long it would take to repair the leak.

Mr McNeill says the refinery has got stock and is "still producing fuel".

Refining NZ is also working with the Regional Council to mitigate any environmental issues from the leak.

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