'I got a sniff you were up to something' - Jeremy Wells and Hilary Barry release each other's teen pictures

Seven Sharp hosts Jeremy Wells and Hilary Barry managed to embarrass each other on last night's show with photos of themselves in their younger years.

The tit-for-tat exchange was set off after two Kiwi 16-year-olds, Zoi Sadowski-Synnott and Nico Porteous, won bronze at the Winter Olympics this week.

Jeremy mentioned that working in television, "thoughtful, kind, considerate people often send in photos of hosts from yesteryear".

He then brought up a photo of Hilary as a member of her old school's senior debating team back in the day.

Hilary told Jeremy she'd "got a sniff that you were up to something about my past so I went through the TVNZ archive".

She showed viewers a shot of a young Jeremy with a dyed, spiky hairdo.

"Did you have a perm like I did or is that just product?" she teased.

"No I didn't have a perm," Jeremy fired back, switching the subject back to the photo of Hilary. 

Hilary's message to viewers from the old photos was: "So while we have these amazing teenagers who are winning medals at the Winter Olympics, and we have Sonatane going up the Spotify charts, that was us. So if you're a 16-year-old at home and you're going 'I'm feeling a bit of a loser', look at us!"

Seventeen-year-old Sonatane Kaufusi performed his soulful song Birdie on Seven Sharp earlier in the week, and the song has now climbed to Number 4 on the Spotify Viral Top 50 chart.

The Seven Sharp hosts had a revealing look back at their teen years, after two Kiwi 16-year-olds won bronze at the Olympics. Source: Seven Sharp