'Google, what is gluten?' - Search engine releases what Kiwis typed most in 2015

Global internet search engine Google has released several lists of what New Zealanders typed into their computers most during 2015.

Google search engine Source: Supplied

Google's most searched lists for 2015. Source: Supplied

It was a big year for New Zealand sport with the Rugby World Cup, however, the Cricket World Cup held in New Zealand and Australia at the start of the year was far more popular and the second most trending search of 2015.

Google's trending lists for 2015. Source: Supplied

Top news items included Cyclone Pam, the Paris terror attacks, the Nepal earthquake, the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the Bali Nine executions, and the birth of Princess Charlotte.

There were also several interesting searches, such as how to make pancakes, how to draw a dog, what is the time in New Zealand? And, what is gluten?

Google's 'where is' list for 2015. Source: Supplied

Kiwis who were most searched on Google throughout 2015 included Jonah Lomu, Jerry Collins, Joseph Parker, and John Campbell.

While some names which were anonymous with many New Zealanders, and appeared on the "who is ...?" list, included Natalia Kills, Willy Moon, and the Bachelor NZ.