Google Maps launches new feature to help Kiwi drivers following major earthquakes

Google is launching quake navigation warnings and earthquake shakemaps in New Zealand today to help drivers stay safe following major earthquakes.

An example of what Google Maps would look like is a disaster hit. Source: Supplied

The new feature will appear automatically on Google Maps and will give the driver a warning if the route is likely to be affected by a natural disaster.

The navigation warnings will attempt to reroute the drivers through open roads and allow them to share their live location with friends and family for as little as 15 minutes, according to a statement released by Google.

The warnings will also allow drivers to submit their own reports of road closures and confirm whether or not a road is still closed or has been reopened, helping others driving in the crisis area.

Source: 1 NEWS

As well as the navigation warnings, Google is also launching earthquake shakemaps that will show where the epicentre of the earthquake is and the magnitude.

It will also be colour coded following a major quake to indicate how intense the shaking was in specific areas.  This will help identify to drivers what areas are likely to have the highest impact.