Google Maps to include Lime scooters in journey planning

Lime scooters will soon be suggested as part of Google Maps journey planning after an update today.

Lime scooters in Auckland. Source:

When plotting a journey between two places, the app currently suggests train, cycling, walking, boat and bus routes to get you from A to B.

With the update, Lime scooters will also be included, and the app will tell you how much battery is left and how long it will take you to get to it.

The update will only affect the Android version of the Maps app, and will be available to people in Auckland and Christchurch.

"We’re excited that this partnership with Google Maps provides the opportunity for Lime to connect people to their destination more quickly," Lime Public Affairs Manager Lauren Mentjox said.

Lime said in a release that about 59 per cent of all Lime rides during the week take place during peak commute hours.