Goodsorts spend a decade doing up Taranaki reserve

A decade ago 14 men and women vowed to do something about Lake Rotokare, a reserve which had been neglected.

The group, from the Taranaki town of Eltham, have since proved what can be done with ten years, some effort and some willpower.

Haydn Jones met these people, who make up this week's Goodsorts.

If you want to nominate someone to be a Goodsort, go to

Tonight’s good sorts are 14 men and women who signed up to do something about the state of Lake Rotokare Source: 1 NEWS


Big kids and little ones flock to Lego show

Thousands of people have attended Christchurch's Brick Show this weekend to see amazing feats of Lego brilliance.

Some creations took several months to build and about sixty exhibitors were on hand to show them off at Horncastle Arena.

The show has been so popular it has outgrown its last tow venues - and it's not just a hit with the kids - plenty of grownups come along too.

One of those grownups is a bit of a celebrity - Ryan McNaught has a job many kids would dream of.

"My actual job title is Lego Certified Professional and I'm the guy that builds all the models in department stores," he says.

Christchurch’s ‘Brick Show’ attracted large crowds this weekend Source: 1 NEWS



Mona Vale on the way to her former glory

Christchurch's historic Mona Vale homestead is undergoing a city council-funded restoration after being badly damaged in the quake.

It is one of sixty heritage properties being restored, and is currently being deconstructed, with re-usable materials being salvaged.

The house was designed by J.C. Maddison and built in 1897 as a private home.

In the 1960s, the home and five-hectare section was in danger of subdivision, but a high profile campaign resulted in the estate being passed into public ownership and it has been a popular function and wedding venue since.

Senior project manager Richard Heardman said the project had even revealed a few secrets about the property.

"We found a mosaic floor and that extends right through the central hallway," he says.

"When we removed some of the paneling from the construction down below you can see the original wallpaper."

A hidden fireplace was also found as a result of opening up the floor.

An insurance payout will hopefully pay for most of the $2.8 million project, but the city council also voted to dip into its Infrastructure and Building Improvement Fund to meet the $600,000 shortfall.

The project is due for completion next July.

Badly damaged in the Christchurch quakes Mona Vale is one of 60 heritage properties the council is restoring Source: 1 NEWS