'Good tie!' Judith Collins and Speaker share banter over his fashion in Parliament

Judith Collins and Speaker Trevor Mallard shared some light-hearted banter over his fashion choices in Parliament today.

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Trevor Mallard suggested Ms Collins’ colleagues might be happy if she went to Africa to pick up one of the ties for herself. Source: 1 NEWS

The Speaker's colourful mosaic style tie was hard to miss, and the National MP couldn't resist making a cheeky reference to it when called upon in Question Time.

"Might I say good tie!" Ms Collins said giving him a thumbs up.

"Order, if I say to the member she can go to the African union to get one for herself, if she continues, I think I might get some support from those around her," the Speaker quipped back.

Not one to be outdone, Ms Collins replied: "The trouble is Mr Speaker, I'm sure to come back."

After a bout of laughter, and barring the Speaker's tie, the normal order of the day resumed.