Good Sorts: Tauranga couple who created support group for people with disabilities

A Tauranga couple who created a support group for like-minded people with disabilities have been named as tonight's Goodsorts.

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George and Ebony Sinclair came out of lockdown, they realized they were the lucky ones, so they set about helping the not-so-lucky. Source: 1 NEWS

George and Ebony Sinclair both have disabilities and lean on each other to get through.

Ebony has a type of dwarfism, while husband George was born with Cerebral Palsy. 

They got together five years ago after a never-ending phonecall, and have now been married for two years.  

"We click so well and she's just my soulmate," George said. 

When they came out of lockdown, they realised they had each other but not everyone was as lucky - so they set about changing that by inviting people she knew for a coffee.

The first meeting had 11 people show up, and after more than a year, it's grown to lunch with between 50 and 70 people. 

"I was actually really blown away," Ebony said. 

"All it takes is just like a little, simple conversation to make them really happy. If you smile, they'll smile." 

There's lunch, plenty of chat and before they go, Ebony checks in on everyone. 

The lunch has since turned into a movement.

"You don't need an organisation behind you to get people together," she said. 

Ebony said if you happen to see them at the shops, please don't stare, but come and say 'hi'. 

"I would prefer people to come up and just simply say 'hi' 'cause then I would feel more of a person."