Good Sorts: Sisters' 18 year journey to champion new mums to further education

Tonight's Good Sorts are sisters Wiki Grace Spooner and Jo Ashwell.

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The Gisborne sisters started a teen parent school with a child care centre attached. Source: 1 NEWS

They're from Gisborne and 18 years ago started a teen parent school with a childcare centre attached.

The centre is behind a Gisborne school where young mums can come to finish their learning.

For 18 years Ms Ashwell has worked in her office watching mums drop their kids off at one school and ensuring they come in the door and finish their own education in the other door.

It’s a place away from judgement that gives girls hope, starting out of need due to the high rate of teen pregnancies.

But seasons are changing and the sisters are leaving to champion their own bi-lingual childcare centre.

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