Good Sorts: Sharlene Clements and her unique daycare service for kids

For many years, Sharlene Clements was too scared to try and turn her dreams into reality.

For many years Sharlene of Whangarei was too scared to try and turn her dreams into reality. Source: 1 NEWS

“I was scared to fail, I still am, I'm terrified. I'm just me,” she said.

Sharlene used to treat kids in their homes until she finally decided to open her own daycare – a special place where kids who have special health conditions who don’t fit into daycare can go.

She managed to follow her dream thanks to support from her husband and community as well as inspiration from her son, Luke, who turned himself into a champion runner.

“If he can do what he does then I can be brave and do this as well.

“So my husband and I took out a bank loan to do this project," Sharlene said.

Since January, her husband Dave would finish work before heading to the daycare to help set it up and, with a lot of community help, they opened Sharlene's day care in July.

“When your husband builds you your dream that's pretty neat."

Sharlene says she didn't build a day care to get rich. She built it to look after kids who need it the most.

"It's not like a regular daycare, it's like another home."