Good Sorts: Meet Christchurch runner and tidy Kiwi, Matt Akehurst

When Matt Akehurst decided to get fit he hit the trail in a big way. Running ultra-marathons until his body said no more.

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He ends his daily run with a sack of trash retrieved on his four kilometre circuit Source: 1 NEWS

Now he keeps to a four-kilometre lap near his home at The Pines Beach, 20 minutes north of Christchurch.

Every day he goes out he’s certain of seeing one thing – rubbish, And about 18 months ago enough, was enough.

Resurrecting an old school beg, he now completes his workout with a sack of trash.

He’s got a goal, to pick up 7,000 pieces in seventy days.

Watch as Hayden Jones shows how easy that challenge was.