Good Sorts: A friendship born out of a shared love for darts

Tonight’s Good Sort is darts player Keith Read from Queenstown.

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Keith loves darts and after entering a competition he played Andrew Sinclair, a 14-year-old from Oamaru. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Read went from throwing darts in his garage to entering a competition.

It was at one of these competitions 18 months ago that he played 15-year-old Andrew Sinclair from Oamaru. 

Mr Sinclair nearly won, too. 

Mr Read, now Mr Sinclair’s best friend in darts, gave him a dart kit.

Darts helps Mr Sinclair with his maths. He was born 10 weeks premature and has chronic lung disease, meaning most sports are out of reach.

Even though they live hundreds of kilometres apart, their families have become friends.

“We all just need to support each other a bit more, and then we blossom,” Mr Read said.

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