Good Sorts: Dunedin pooch whose survival story is helping raise money

Tonight's Good Sort is of the four-legged variety.

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Since being rescued, Meg has been doing so much for the people who looked high and low for her. Source: 1 NEWS

Dunedin dog Meg was lost in the bush for five weeks after being flung from a car during a crash.

After the successful search, Meg’s owner Andy Cunningham says she is now a local celebrity.

Following the crash couple of summers ago, hundreds joined the search.

For five weeks they searched, then one day a phone call.

"We walked into the paddock and that little head came up and she just came out," Cunningham said.

“Because she had two broken front legs, she wasn’t able to eat at all.

“She had lost half her body weight. She was barely recognisable from the dog we knew.

“We didn’t know for quite a few days after she was found whether she would live or not.”

She spent weeks in care.

When she recovered, everyone wanted to meet Meg, schools and businesses.

“From fingers and thumbs I’ve worked out she’s seen 2100 school children,” Cunningham said.

Then a children’s author wrote a book about her.

They sold hundreds of copies at the service station with the money going to search and rescue and the local wildlife hospital.

“Must be north of $15,000 that she’s raised since the time she was found,” Cunningham said.