Good Sorts: Christchurch man supporting others deal with the loss of a limb

Tonight's Good Sort is Mark Bruce, a Christchurch man who is helping other’s deal with the loss of a limb.

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Mark Bruce was the perfect choice to lead the peer support system. Source: 1 NEWS

Bruce has helped people struggling with the difficult decision to lose a limb, since he lost one himself three decades ago.

Bruce was 24, his wife about to give birth to their first child, when he was knocked off his police motorbike.

“I don’t remember much about the first month or so after my accident,” he says.

He was a senior rugby player and was never able to play again. He also missed the birth of his child.

Bruce had to start again with the help of Peke Waihanga, the artificial limb service.

So a couple of years ago when a peer support system was developed, Bruce was the obvious choice to lead it.

For the full story, watch the video above.