Good sorts: Chris Dugdale buys homes with her heart

Some might think of property investors as only being interested in what they can get for themselves - but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Chris Dugdale.

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The property investor from the Hutt Valley spends her profits with love. Source: 1 NEWS

The Hutt Valley local has bought and sold more than 70 houses in her lifetime, and for the past five years all of the profits have gone to other people.

She first got a feel for buying and selling at ten years old - with a lemonade stand in Leeds in the UK to Hungarian refugee children.

Now, she owns numerous properties, including the Stokes Valley Shopping Centre, tenanted by people from Laos, China, India and New Zealand - and all sing her praises.

The rent profit from the centre is going towards building a school in Uganda.

She also gives to many other causes - Lifeflight, inflatable rescue boats, school pool projects and more.

The couple have also helped numerous people into their own homes by gifting them money - which has, in due course, been gifted back.

"It's the satisfaction of helping people ... that gives me the pleasure," she says.