Good Sorts: Auckland landlord waits two months for tenant whose son has rare health condition

This week’s Good Sort is Auckland landlord Jackie Trevdeich. She put aside her rental property for a prospective tenant who was desperate for a home, giving her first option on the place.

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Jackie Trevdeich says she didn’t want anyone else to have the house. Source: 1 NEWS

Having lived in emergency housing for two years, Shelly Clarke needed a rental property in Auckland to be close to the medical community for her son Jethro, who has a rare genetic condition.

Late last year, Trevdeich met Clarke to discuss renting the Auckland house.

“We have lived in six houses in seven years,” Clarke says.

“Not being able to come up with a home for your family is a terrifying position.”

Clarke’s son has Mowat-Wilson syndrome, which means he has high medical needs.

While looking for a house with other prospective tenants, she needed time to secure funding from support agencies.

“She’s in this race for a house that she just can’t win,” says Trevdeich.

“The rental market’s not waiting for anyone.”

So she decided to put the rental aside to wait until Clarke was ready to move in.

“What Shelly’s family needed was a landlord that was just willing to put the brakes on and slow things down to work at their pace.”

Trevdeich left the house empty and helped Clarke get funding to afford it.

“I just knew I didn’t want anyone else to have this house but Shelly,” Tredeich said.

The process took two months, over which time the pair spoke every day.

Clarke also got a ramp built and moved in five days before level four lockdown.

Clarke says it’s “completely” changed their lives.