Good Sorts: 90-year-old Brian Devlin has been knitting for youngsters for 60 years

Brian Devlin has been knitting since he was 20-year-old.

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Brian is 90 and helps others from his favourite spot, his lounge. Source: 1 NEWS

Now in his nineties, he says his foray into knitting started when he was in hospital for a heart operation.

"Somebody said, 'can you knit?' And I said, 'oh yes' and they were back in a few minutes with a ball of wool," he recalls.

His kids were not super-excited about having a knitting dad, often telling him to put it away.

But Brian was unfazed.

"I don't care what they say. Women do all sort of things today, so why can't men knit?"

Taught by his mother, he has started knitting slippers for the kids at St Bernadette's School in Wellington.

And they have started knitting as well.

He knits for the kindy down the road and for babies in Africa.

And he's still going after six decades.