Good news! No new whale strandings reported on Farewell Spit, Project Jonah scaling back operation




There appears to have been no more whale strandings at Farewell Spit, at the top of the South Island.

After days of misery in Golden Bay, it appears the worst of the mass stranding may be over.
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Hundreds of pilot whales died after the strandings in Golden Bay over the weekend, while a smaller number were refloated with the help of officials and volunteers.

The Department of Conservation has given the all clear, saying they were not able to spot any whales remaining in the bay.

DOC biodiversity ranger Amanda Harvey said Farewell Spit and nearby beaches had been checked and there was no whales to be seen.

It appears that the pods of whales who over the last three days have continuously stranded have finally managed to leave the bay and head out to the safety of deep water in Cook Strait.

Project Jonah says it's winding down its operation. 

The dead whales will be left to decompose.

A pod of 17 whales refloated at Farewell Spit this morning now appear headed towards the safety of Cook Strait.
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Rotorua's Timoti Bramley performed a karakia, saying it was important to him because of the spiritual and ancestral connection he has to the whales.
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Volunteers are in a race with time to make sure whales don't re-strand at Farewell Spit as low tide approaches.
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