Golriz Ghahraman says Rose Matafeo 'welcome to host' Green event, blames misunderstanding

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman says comedian Rose Matafeo is welcome to host the Green Party launch, with a previous request to stand down the result of a misunderstanding or a logistical problem. 

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Ms Ghahraman said she had been in contact with Ms Matafeo. Source: 1 NEWS

Matafeo tweeted yesterday that she was "incredibly disappointed" and it was "apparently at the request of one of their MPs".

She added a screenshot of an email she sent to the parliamentary email address of MP Golriz Ghahraman. "I'm unsure why this request was made, as I have had very little interaction with Golriz in the past few years," Matafeo wrote. 

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Rose Matafeo tweeted she lost a gig as MC for the party's upcoming campaign launch at the request of MP Golriz Ghahraman, whose partner is Ms Matafeo’s ex-boyfriend. Source: 1 NEWS

"As a supporter of the Green Party, I'm disappointed not to have the opportunity to lend a hand and show my support for the upcoming campaign."

Ms Ghahraman said today she had not seen the email as the House had been sitting in urgency last week, often with MPs working at Parliament for extended hours. 

"We raised it with the party immediately," Ms Ghahraman said. "[The party] has spoken to Rose and I've reached out and said that we should talk directly and it appears to be a misunderstanding or a logistical problem.

"She is welcome to host. I understand they are still working out that event and when it is and what's going on with it.

"It's awful. She obviously felt really, really badly after trying to volunteer for us and that's devastating."

A Green Party spokesperson told 1 NEWS yesterday that MPs "aren't involved in organising party events or arranging speakers".

"Unfortunately, this seems to be the result of a miscommunication within the party."