Golriz Ghahraman calls for tougher laws on hate speech

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman is calling for tougher laws around hate speech, wanting to protect religious groups, gender and the Rainbow community. 

"Our law already protects individuals against harmful speech. You can't threaten people, you can't harm their reputation. If defamation against individuals is already illegal, why should people be allowed to harm entire minority groups?" Ms Ghahraman said in a video posted on Twitter today.

"We're not immune from the politics of hate speech leaking into New Zealand from all over the world and allowed to grow here unchecked. Most of us would be shocked to find our laws don't protect religious groups, gender or the Rainbow community."

"We must make New Zealand the kind of place where we all feel truly safe and at home."

Justice Minister Andew Little has told RNZ laws around hate speech need change as current legislation was not strong enough. 

"There will be important issues to debate. There will be issues about what limit should be put on freedom of expression and freedom of speech," he said, reported RNZ.