Global warming doco involving Victoria University secures US TV deal

A documentary about global warming, jointly made by Victoria University of Wellington, has just secured a major television broadcast deal in the United States.

Thin Ice was jointly made by Victoria University and UK interests. Source: 1 NEWS

The small screen debut of the documentary, called Thin Ice, is set to cause a stir.

Despite the seemingly-overwhelming evidence of climate change, the debate rages on.

"It's junk science and it's part of a massive international scientific fraud," a man tells a meeting in the documentary.

"There is no scientific basis whatsoever," another man says in an interview.

Now, climate change experts at Victoria University are joining the debate.

"If you're going to tell people that we have a serious problem, you owe it to them to explain the problem properly," Victoria University geologist Simon Lamb told ONE News.

Mr Lamb features in the documentary where he follows scientists working on the front line of climate change research.

Last year, Victoria University, along with Oxford and a London production company, created a shorter version of the documentary for television. American television producers picked it up and the documentary will broadcast on nearly 100 channels in the US.

"We thought at first that this wasn't going to happen - it was just sort of in the too hard basket," Mr Lamb says.

Peter Barrett, Antarctic researcher and the documentary's executive producer, says the film is making a clear stance ahead of this year's climate conference in Paris.

"We really need to aim for zero carbon emissions," he told ONE News.

Mr Lamb says it's okay for governments to come to agreement. "But at the end of the day it's the democracies, it's the population, [that] have to give permission to the governments to actually do something. And they're not going to give the permission if they don't fully understand the problem."

The filmmakers are working on a deal to market the documentary to an international audience in the hope of finally silencing the climate change sceptics.

"This ridiculous nonsense that manmade CO2 is causing global warming," a man says in the documentary.

Thin Ice will broadcast on American television screens in July.