Givealittle page created for family who lost home in Dunedin fire

A couple who lost their rental home in a fire last night didn’t even have time to put on their shoes when fleeing the burning property.

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The blaze on Beaconsfield Rd, near the Otago Harbour, began around 4.30pm this afternoon. Source: 1 NEWS

The house on Beaconsfield Road near the Otago Harbour caught fire around 4.30pm causing neighbouring residents to flee their homes.

The home was destroyed along with the couple's belongings.

A Givealittle page has been created for the family with over $3000 already being donated.

“They lost everything and also as a result the car blew up,” the Givealittle post reads.

“Alice fled the house with the children. She did not even have shoes on. All are safe just devastated and in a state of shock.”

Three fire crews and an investigator are still at the scene dampening down hotspots.

Residents that were evacuated last night have returned home.