'Give it a go' - Support workers want more Kiwis to join them in profession

Support workers are encouraging others to join the profession because it is so life-changing. 

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Support worker Alex Lyde says he hasn’t looked back after his career change and is encouraging others to join the profession. Source: Breakfast

Alex Lyde and Tyrone Nanse joined Breakfast today to say "give it a go". 

Lyde, who had been in sales for about 17 years before he changed careers, said he hadn't looked back since. 

"It's really drawn me in."

He told Breakfast it was a friend in rehabilitation for an addiction to MDMA and seeing the difference support workers had made in their life, which inspired him to become one. 

Lyde described the job satisfaction as "phenomenal". 

"In sales, the biggest day I could ever have would only ever change a ledger sheet," he said.

"Whereas now, a really small day is potentially life-changing.

"The satisfaction is mind-blowing - knowing you've made an impact on someone's life or actually improved their situation is worth so much and I just absolutely love it."

Like Lyde, Nanse encouraged others to become a support worker. 

This is because the industry reportedly has an older workforce and lacks diversity. 

With the majority of support workers being female, males, younger people and those who are Māori and Pasifika are needed.

"The perks of being in the supportive role is one of the best feelings you ever get."