'Give a distraction away from the destruction' - street artists gather to decorate Christchurch's rebuild

Christchurch and Kathmandu share a few similarities - both were leveled by earthquakes.

Sharaddha and Wongi are helping Christchurch take shape. Source: Seven Sharp

And both cities have decided to decorate the destruction, with two of their brightest young artists coming together to add a splash of colour to the Canterbury rebuild.

In its own way, post-quake Christchurch is a big blank concrete canvas that, wall by wall, is gradually being coloured.

One person helping that process is Nepal street artist poineer Sharaddha Shrestha.

"After the [Neapl] earthquake it was a bit chaotic," Sharaddha said.

"Artists trying to come in together to rebuild, bring the community together, to motivate them."

That seems to be a growing global trend after disasters, and Christchurch street artist Wongi Wilson has set to painting this city since it fell apart.

"That's what me and my friends did," Wongi said.

"We just went out after our earthquakes and and painted as many spots as we could - purely because that's what we know and it's how we can give back to our community.

"Just to help brighten areas up and all that - give a distraction away from the destruction."

Now these two street artists have been invited by Kathmandu, the business, to add colour to Christchurch’s rebuild.

"We're not covering up old stuff, we're adding to the new city so it's really good. Wongi said.

"It's one of the best things about this art form I think, it develops in the public eye. People get to see the whole process."