Gill Higgins: 'I couldn't be happier for them' as couple finally have 'modern medicine miracle baby'

This is little miracle baby Breeannah.

Baby Breeannah Source: 1 NEWS

Admittedly, she’s a modern medicine type of miracle - but that doesn’t detract how incredibly special she is to parents Darren and Louise.

There were many times they thought they’d never see the day they could cradle a baby in their arms, but here it is.

I first met them in November 2014. 

They were excited!

They desperately needed an egg donor, and between us we’d come up with an idea to highlight their plight. 

They thought if they made their story public, they were bound to get a response. Hopefully not just for themselves, but for others too. 

If you watch their story, you’ll see they really put themselves out there, and did some crazy stunts - but it seemed to work. 

Overnight, 120 egg donors came forward. 

But donors coming forward, and making it all the way through to having a baby are two very different things. 

Lots of donors were matched up with other want-to-be parents, as was their intention. 

They always wanted their efforts to benefit others in the same boat.

Louise and Darren were also matched with a donor, but the procedure didn’t work out. 

So it was back to the drawing board. They did their homework, and decided to head overseas where success rates appear to be much higher. 

I kept in touch with them through all their highs and lows and was thrilled to hear they found a donor through a clinic in Nashville, USA. It all went smoothly, producing seven little embryos. 

One of those was implanted, and two weeks ago today, Breeannah was born. 

She cost them about $60,000 all up, but they say every cent is worth it. 

I couldn’t be happier for them!

Gill Higgins, Seven Sharp reporter

Gill Higgins with baby Breeannah Source: 1 NEWS