'Get a job and earn your own money' - Bay of Plenty mother dishes out tough love on Facebook after court orders daughter to repay nearly $400k

A Bay of Plenty mother has lashed out at her daughter online after she refused to pay back loans totalling $367,904, the same day the parents won a court case ordering the money to be paid back. 

A daughter has been ordered to pay back her parents after they lent her big bucks for property deals. Source: 1 NEWS

Te Puke couple Trevor and Marian Warin won the case in the Wellington High Court on April 25, ordering chartered accountant Colleen Warin to pay back the debt, according to NZ Herald. 

Marian posted on Facebook in a life event labelled 'Parents' Finances', "Please respect me and do not ask for any money off your parents or grandparents. Get a job and earn your own money".

"You know who you are that have borrowed off us and have all these excuses as to why you cant hold a job down and can't pay your loans. You need to get jobs and borrow off the bank like normal people."

"Trevor and I are not a bank."

Associate Judge Warwick Smith said Marian and Trevor asked for the loan back, which was never written down, in 2012 and again in 2015, reports NZ Herald.

Ms Warin said there had not been an agreement the money was to be paid back on demand. 

She said the "understanding with her parents was that she would only be required to repay the advances when her personal and financial position enabled her to do so," and argued "significant financial and other stress" meant she was unable to make the repayment, the decision said. 

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