George FM rejects claim host called woman a 'filthy lesbian'

Another woman has come forward claiming to be a victim of George FM's Breakfast show, calling out the co-host for his "unacceptable treatment of women".

Karyn says she rang the station to complain about host Thane Kirby’s sexist comments. Source: 1 NEWS

Karyn, a self-employed engineer, says she was called a "filthy lesbian" by Thane Kirby when she rang up to call him out on sexist comments he was making last month.

Karyn, who is in a heterosexual relationship, followed up the call on August 17 with a complaint call to George FM but says she didn't receive an apology until today.

"His mouth was filth, he said he thought I was a filthy lesbian, he said he believed I was into filthy dirty stuff," Karyn told ONE News.

"He started a tirade that I found so offensive...the whole tone I felt was unacceptable in its treatment of women."

Another victim of George FM radio hosts has come forward to reveal she was also verbally abused. Source: 1 NEWS

A Mediaworks spokeswoman rejected Karyn's account, and says Kirby is surprised by her reaction.

The company refused to say if the hosts would be on air next week, but has committed to staff undergoing some training.

Last week Kirby and his co-host Kara Rickard were suspended after two young women claimed the radio duo had 'slut-shamed' them on air.

Kirby and Rickard named two Instagram users during a segment called "social media intervention" last Thursday.

He started a tirade that I found so offensive...the whole tone I felt was unacceptable in its treatment of women - Karyn, George FM victim

Two young women were referred to as "do-nothing bitches" - defined by Ms Rickard as girls who "post half-naked pictures on their Instagram" - and were also called "rank" and "hoes".

Both women spoke to ONE News last week of their humiliation and disgust, saying they did not accept an apology from Mediaworks, which runs George FM, and were considering legal action against the hosts.

Earlier this week Women's Refuge made an open offer to radio stations for free awareness training around domestic violence.

"We believe we set off to hold a conversation via social media about how these comments and direct abusive behaviour on or off air does not help our sexual and domestic violence statistics and we believe we have achieved that," Chief Executive Dr Ang Jury said.

Women's Refuge confirmed that Mediaworks had accepted its offer of free training around domestic violence awareness, and said they were not charging a fee.