GeoNet: Today's light quake 'a reminder' aftershocks of Canterbury earthquake continue 10 years on

More than 2000 people had an early start after being jolted awake by a 3.7 magnitude quake east of Christchurch this morning, causing light shaking.

The quake struck 10 kilometres east of Christchurch at 5.14am, according to GeoNet.

This morning's earthquake had a depth of six kilometres.

Nearly 2200 people reported feeling the quake on GeoNet, 1174 of which reported light shaking and 614 reporting weak shaking.

"It's a reminder that ten years on, the Canterbury aftershock sequence is still ongoing," the agency tweeted.

"While no one can yet scientifically predict earthquakes, we can provide forecasts of future aftershocks using computer models that are updated as the aftershock sequence continues."

Predictions as of September forecast that within one year, there would be a 38 per cent probability of a magnitude 5.0 to 5.9 quake occurring in the area around Christchurch, GeoNet's website said. It is expected that there will be up to two of this magnitude within the next year, but was considered "unlikely". 

GeoNet predicted it would be "very unlikely" (a four per cent chance) that there will be a magnitude 6.0 to 6.9 earthquake. An earthquake greater than magnitude 7 is "extremely unlikely" (a less than one per cent chance).

"With every month that passes without a major aftershock, probabilities will continue falling. However, if another large aftershock occurs it can re-energise the system and spark a resurgence of earthquake activity for a month or so," GeoNet said.