Generous mum donates 88 litres of much needed breast milk to NZ's only human milk bank

One mum deserves extra thanks this Mother's Day after donating 88 litres of breast milk to the country's only human milk bank at Christchurch's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Laura Bates deserves extra thanks on Mother's day for helping others provide for their sick babies. Source: 1 NEWS

Mother- of- two Laura Bates says her supply was more than what she needed and she gave it to the milk bank, because, why not?

Having had one of her babies spend time in the NICU, Ms Bates says she knows the value it holds.

So far her milk has helped 45 different babies.

New mother, Vanessa Robertson, is very grateful for everyone who donates milk, after using it to nourish her four week premature baby Alexander, while her milk gets established.

"Having the donor milk, all those nutrients, with everything in it that he needed made a big difference and helped him to grow and get to where he needs to be," Ms Robertson told 1 NEWS.

The milk bank is screened and pasteurised, but the bank is currently running very low on supplies and is desperately in need of donations.

Since the human milk bank was established in 2014 more than 1300 litres of milk has been donated, helping over 700 babies.