Generous Kiwis provide more than 20,000 nappies for families in need

Thanks to the generosity of Kiwis, hundreds of families in need have been provided with more than 20,000 nappies.

Nappies (file picture). Source:

The 20,000 nappies donated to the Hug it Forward initiative by Huggies equates to putting 600 babies in nappies for one week.

Hundreds of bags of clothing and $7500 worth of clothing vouchers were also donated to hundreds of Plunket families across the country.

A Plunket staff member in the Bay of Plenty she could see the impact it had on families. 

“I dropped off some nappies to a teen mother, who was living with whānau and awaiting financial support. This young mother was extremely grateful, as she was not receiving any income at the time,” she said.

“The nappies helped her through a financially tough week, which was great.” 

Another Plunket nurse said families who received the nappies couldn’t believe it. 

“Today, we gave away more than 10 packets to whānau. One mother was trying her hardest to hold back the tears.

“She shared that it meant she would be able to treat her babies this week.”