Gareth Morgan labelled 'selfish' as Kiwi donors threaten to pull funding if he gets involved

People who have donated to a crowdfunding campaign to raise $2m to buy a pristine New Zealand beach for the public say they will withdraw their offers if Gareth Morgan's pledge to cover any shortfall is accepted.

Mr Morgan has offered to meet any deficit on the target but has faced criticism over his comments that he would like exclusive access for his family for a period before handing over the property to the New Zealand public.

This morning he clarified on TVNZ's Breakfast that the period would be "10 years, maybe".

"Ultimately, the public gets ownership of the whole thing - not just access," Mr Morgan said.

Duane Major and Adam Gard'ner aren't happy with Morgan's wish to have part of the beach for personal use. Source: Breakfast

However, campaign organisers Dwayne Major and Adam Gard'ner said Kiwis will raise the total without Mr Morgan's help.

"It is a very generous offer if you look at it in one sense ... but it really isn't in the spirit of the campaign," Mr Major said.

Some of those who have donated on the Givealittle page said they would rescind their offer if Mr Morgan was taken up on his suggestion.

"I will be withdrawing my offer of support if Gareth Morgan is donating on terms more favourable than myself and others who have already donated," wrote Edgie.

"Yep, I agree, will be withdrawing my pledge if Gareth Morgan gate crashes everyone elses good work," added Paul.

"Gareth if you want to buy a beach Mururoa is available."

Vicki said that Mr Morgan was donating for his own "selfish" purposes.

"I may never visit this beautiful place but my children, grandchildren and friends may like this opportunity.

"What you are doing is amazing but people donating and demanding terms to their donations is wrong."

At time of writing, the amount pledged stands at $1.624 million - 81 per cent of the target - from 25,743 donors and the campaign closes in four days.

Morgan has offered to pay the difference for a pristine beach in Abel Tasman. Source: Breakfast

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Englishman who staged crash to kill Kiwi wife loses review appeal

The Englishman who murdered his wife in a staged car accident and tried to kill his second in a copycat crash in New Zealand has lost a bid to have his conviction referred back to the High Court.

Malcolm Webster, 56, was jailed for a minimum of 30 years for killing Claire Morris, 32, in the planned crash in Aberdeenshire in 1994 and attempting to kill Felicity Drumm in New Zealand in 1999 to claim insurance money.

The former nurse, from Guildford, Surrey, was handed the life sentence after being convicted of the crimes in May 2011 following a five-month trial in Glasgow.

Malcolm Webster and Felicity Drumm on their wedding day Source: 1 NEWS

He lost an appeal against his conviction in 2013 when judges at the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh rejected a claim he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

In 2014, Webster launched a new bid to clear his name by asking the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) to look into his conviction.

It is the Scottish body which reviews alleged miscarriages of justice in criminal cases and has the power to refer a case back before senior judges for a fresh look.

The SCCRC confirmed on Tuesday that Webster's application has been refused.

A spokesman said: "The commission's review has concluded and this case has not been referred to the High Court."

Webster claimed the death of Ms Morris was an accident which happened when he swerved to avoid a motorcyclist.

The jury heard the killer drugged her before driving the car they were in off an Aberdeenshire road and starting a fire while she lay unconscious inside.

He fraudulently claimed more than STG200,000 ($NZ435,635) from insurance policies following her death, later spending it on a Range Rover car, a yacht and on seducing a string of women.

In 1999 he tried to murder Ms Drumm in a copycat car crash in New Zealand in an attempt to claim more than STG750,000 of insurance money.

Malcolm Webster outside court Source: BBC