Gangs teaming up to sell meth to Auckland's rich kids

New Zealand's police minister is warning that the major gangs are now working together in Auckland to push drugs to increasingly middle class customers.

Police Minister Judith Collins says gangs are working together to distribute methamphetamine. Source: 1 NEWS

Judith Collins has told ONE News that the Head Hunters gang is using the Mongrel Mob and Black Power to distribute methamphetamine.

"It's a gang-led invasion of people's homes and people's lives," Ms Collins said.

"Gangs are working together now in prisons and out of prisons for a particular cause and that's making a lot of money."

It's a gang-led invasion of people's homes and people's lives - Judith Collins

Ms Collins said the gangs are pushing the drug to middle class Kiwis and have even made moves to get school children using meth.

"It's a situation where a lot of middle class kids who go to the best schools are being targeted because their parents have a lot of money."

Ross Bell from the drug foundation said Ms Collins' statement does not match with the statistics on methamphetamine use.

He said meth use has halved in the past four years.

Mr Bell also said that the majority of users of methamphetamine are 25 to 35-year-olds.

A report, released today, estimates the long-term cost to the taxpayer of gang members and their children through their contact with MSD and CYF is $714 million.